Newell Firehouse Improvements

April 2012 was a busy month at the Newell Firehouse.  Trees were taken down to prevent them from falling on the building or the septic field and to open the roof to sunlight in an attempt to deal with moss that has been growing there. Fourteen volunteers, under the directions of Ralph Young, chopped logs into firewood and cleared the debris created when alderwood trees were removed.  The moss on the roof was treated and removed in June.


Cutting up the Firewood

Removing the Rotting Panels

With a focus on keeping the historic look of the old Firehouse, under the guidance of Peter Wolff and with expert assistance from Jerry Vannoy, the deteriorating garage door has been removed and replaced with T111 siding and new double pane sliding windows. The siren tower has been removed from the roof and the lettering has been taken down to allow for repairs and painting. Exterior painting of the building is planned for July.