Ledgewood Beach from its Beginnings…

History of Ledgewood Beach
Contributions by Marge Newell
                                 (in Memoriam 1916-2005)

Robert Keith, a logger, developed the area now known as Ledgewood Beach in 1952. He built a home for his family on Fircrest Avenue. That house is now the property of the Holmes family. In 1953, Keith dedicated the roads in Ledgewood to the public and the water system to the lot owners. Three lots at the north end of Seaview Avenue and a beach parcel were dedicated as park areas. The county has responsibility for the roads and drainage. The park on Seaview is known as the Lloyd G. Wagner Community Park. Wagner was one of Ledgewood’s first residents, and he served as fire chief for the area.

Ledgewood Beach Community Club was incorporated on December 29, 1971. One of the original signers, Alex Toth, still lives here. The notary public for these papers was Eda Hewitt, who continued to reside in Ledgewood until the summer of 2000. In September 1982, the Community club was renamed the Ledgewood Beach Property Owners’ Association.

The homeowners also formed a water association to take care of the water supply. Originally, there were two water associations, one for divisions one and two, and another for division three. These two groups were combined in 1981, becoming the Municipal Water District. The district is now known as the Ledgewood Beach Water District, managed by three elected commissioners, one elected every 2 years to serve a 6 year term. Many improvements have been made over the years to upgrade the water system. In 1987, a 6-inch water line was installed on Fircrest. In 1991, a large reservoir was built on Cox   Road (east of SR 525) to have high-pressure gravity feed for the system and the fire hydrants. Since then, a well has been added, bringing us to a total of three operating wells to serve Ledgewood Beach. Other planned improvements will ensure the continued excellent water quality and supply to our community.

In 1993, the Water district bought the old Firehouse at 1903 Pinecrest from the Fire District for $6,000. In 1994, community members began remodeling the building so that it could be used as a clubhouse and as a meeting place for the Water District Board and the Ledgewood Beach Property Owners’ Association (LBPOA) Board. The old Firehouse was renamed the Newell Firehouse in honor of Hugh Newell, a long time resident of the area. Both the Newell Firehouse and the WagnerPark and tennis courts are available to association members and their guests for private, non-commercial functions.

The LBPOA Annual Meeting and Picnic/Potluck is held on the first Saturday in August at WagnerPark (or the Newell Firehouse, depending on the weather.) The community also gets together for a New Year’s Eve Potluck, a Memorial Day Picnic/Potluck, and a 4th of July Picnic/Potluck. The Annual meeting of members is held on the first Saturday in August at Wagner Park.