Ledgewood Water District


Ledgewood Beach Water District Board of Directors​

R​alph Young     Commissioner       President​

(360) 678-0430     ralung@gmail.com

Dale Hokstra   Commissioner       Secretary/Treasurer 

(360) 320-7079     dale.j.hockstra@gmail.com

Don Pinter          ​Commissioner       Auditor     

(360 298-0101       pinter@whidbey.net

Water System Operator​

​ Whidbey Water Services

5585 Lotto Avenue

Freeland, WA 98249​


Water District Board meetings are held on the second​ Tuesday of each month

at 2​:00  p.m. at the Newell Firehouse at 1903 Pinecrest Avenue. 

Board meetings are open to the public.


Water bill payments should​ be mailed to:

​Ledgewood Beach Water District

P.O. Box 940

Clinton​, WA 9824​9


Put in the slot of the drop box at the Newell Firehouse. 

Please note: if full payment is not received by the due date, a late fee of $10 per month will be assessed. 

If you have questions about your bill or need to change billing information, please contact

​Whidbey Water Services at 360-579-1535 or whidbeywater@gmail.com.​